Just for Innovators

Just for Innovators

A great business book by Clayton Christensen

The Innovator’s Dilemma: The Revolutionary Book that will Change the Way you do Business” boasts a lot in the title but has made it in the top picks list for Business Week magazine and more and for many readers it has lived up to its promises.

This book reminds of a little of how I imagine University of Virginia’s MBA program would be like – lots of case studies. The author, Clayton Christensen, looks at a wide range of businesses to determine why they fail or disappear even though they appear to be doing everything right. “The Innovator’s Dilemma” searches for excellent examples of this phenomenon in all different industries which makes the book relevant to anyone in the professional field.  

This book isn’t just about pointing the finger at businesses which have failed or lost the stronghold they once had on their market. It is about innovation and how important it is to be at the forefront of innovation in every business. Christenson goes into detail explaining how disruptive technologies come about and explaining how companies have to look at more than just protecting their high margin profit products.

It was interesting to me that Christenson pointed out many big and great corporations for not being innovative. It is a reminder of how easy it is to sit back in life and enjoy what is easily coming to us without getting out an innovating something new which could really take the market by storm in a whole new way. Most of us don’t need to read a book to understand that innovations are important, but the arguments and rationalizations in Christensen’s book should be read by everyone in the business world.